Airway Centric® Dentistry

It is a known fact that the human body can live up to 3 weeks without food, and 3 days without water. But, did you know that a person can only live 6 minutes, at the most, without oxygen before permanent brain damage occurs? It is no surprise that oxygen is a necessary part of our health, development, and survival, yet many people live every day in a constant sub-optimal state and are unaware of their plight.

There are many challenges patients with an airway disorder face. From orofacial myofunctional disorders, to poor overall health, but dental practitioners can be one of the first to identify these issues, and then provide the necessary treatment.

As dental practitioners, how can we recognize these challenges, and what can we do to improve the health of our patients, their well-being and vitality by treating airway deficiencies or inadequate oxygen delivery?

This challenge is one of many that Dr. Kathleen Carson, DDS, focuses on within her practice, and now offers techniques, methods, and information for medical practitioners around the country that can, in turn, learn unique ways to help their patients breathe better, and live healthier lives. A well-educated, and experienced speaker, Dr. Carson firmly believes in educating healthcare practitioners on airway health, management, and treatments, both nonsurgical and surgical.  

Dr. Carson’s focus on airway health began about 15 years ago when her child suffered from a significantly compromised airway. As a young mother, she wanted answers, and she wanted the best treatment for her child – treatment that would encourage growth and development, as well as improve function, health, and vitality. For almost 20 years now, Dr. Carson and her caring and compassionate team have focused on providing comprehensive care for patients by using integrative modalities that improve the overall health of patients. Part of this focus includes Airway Centric® Dentistry and airway health. Now, she strives to share her knowledge, experience, and expertise with dentists or other healthcare professionals that desire to provide a similar approach to their patients as well.

Airway Centric® Dentistry is not only about improving oxygen flow, but also improving cosmetic failures, resolving periodontal issues, TMJ problems, preventing orthodontic relapse, and more. Patients with ADHD, anxiety, and heightened gag reflex also could benefit from this unique approach.

Once you speak with Dr. Carson, you will get a sense of her genuine and authentic spirit. Her content-rich presentations come across as encouraging, and inspire other practitioners to transform lives using this unique approach of Airway Centric® Dentistry. Not only does Dr. Carson have her own personal journey to relate to, but also her extensive education and proven cases reinforce her abundant knowledge. She truly leaves audiences captivated, yet enlightened by presenting to them useful information that can be put into action immediately. 

Dr. Carson is a profound educator and speaker that focuses on Airway Centric® Dentistry, and integrative modalities to improve the overall health of her patients. She is available to educate her peers on how to offer the same services to their patients. To learn more, please call (818) 889-0400.