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Biological Dentist, Where can I Find One

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Although half of the dentists in the U.S. use mercury-free materials, only about 10 percent of them truly understand the health risks that are linked to dental amalgam. Amalgam filling material is mostly comprised of mercury, which is toxic to the body. Only a biological dentist truly understands the implications of not removing old silver fillings in a safe manner.

What is a biological dentist?

A biological dentist also referred to as a holistic dentist, provides treatments to patients with the idea in mind that the mouth is an integral part of your overall well-being, and that your oral health influences the health of your body. When a biological dentist treats patients, they do so with the goal of not only treating the mouth but maintaining harmony throughout the rest of the body.

How biological dentistry can help chronic disorders and diseases

Biological dentistry is on the rise because research has linked mercury fillings as the cause of many adverse health conditions such as cognitive disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and neurological disorders, to name a few. One single amalgam filling can expose you to 15 micrograms of mercury each day while seafood that contains mercury will expose you to only 2.3 micrograms of mercury within the same time frame. This should be a wake-up call for many patients and dentists.

How to find a biological dentist

Finding a biological dentist is especially important if you desire to have your old silver fillings removed. By ignoring proper safety precautions when removing amalgam fillings, your risk of mercury poisoning increases.

When searching for a biological dentist, here are some points to consider when having mercury fillings removed:

  • Mercury-free practice (uses only biocompatible materials to replace fillings)
  • Sequential removal of dental restorations
  • Use of dental dam
  • Use of protective gear (eye protection and nasal coverage)
  • Use of oral rinses before and after treatment

Biological dentistry with The Connection

At The Connection, we approach treating our patients with biological dentistry in mind for every patient, not just when removing old silver fillings. This simply means that we use only products such as composite filling material and all porcelain crowns that are safe and biocompatible with our patients. When treating teeth, we like to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible, which is better for the patient.

We also treat children by implementing facial growth guidance whenever necessary. This may include orofacial myofunctional therapy to help guide their jaw into proper growth and alignment, which may eliminate the need for costly, invasive dental treatments or orthodontics down the road. Not to mention, spare the child from suffering from sleep apnea or other ailments associated with unfavorable facial growth. Biological dentistry is not something that traditional dental school focuses on that much. The dentists at The Connection have undergone extensive post-graduate training, combined with their unparalleled experience to offer patients the most advanced dentistry services available today.

If you are interested in biological dentistry, contact The Connection today by calling (805) 380-6169. We welcome patients of Agoura Hills and Westlake Village, California.

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