Breast Feeding & Your Child’s Teeth

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In Myofunctional Therapy, we are looking at proper function of the muscles in the face and movement of your tongue when you talk or swallow or even when it is at rest. A huge passion of mine is being able to teach proper development at the earliest age possible, to make it easier later in life.

Most babies are born with a natural ability to latch on to the breast and feed. In order to do this, their tongue comes forward which is a normal pattern for infants. Sometimes this natural progression is altered and a whole series of problems may develop. The main alteration we see from an infant is being tongue tied. This is a big reason why a lot of infants cannot breast feed or “latch” on. We also have attachments from our lips and cheeks to our gums called frenums, that can contribute to altering this beautiful phenomenon of breast feeding.

We are passionate about teaching this because with new mothers, this isn’t something we think about or know. We can become frustrated by not understanding the cause of something. Nourishing our babies with our own milk is one of the best things we can do for them, not only nutritionally, but also emotionally. We bond through breast feeding while giving them the nutrients that correctly set up their immune system and help them grow.

Breast Feeding and your childs oral development