Introductory Course In OroFacial Myofunctional Therapy

Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village and Agoura Hills, CA

Dental office staff, Carrollton, TX

Myofunctional therapy isn’t new, yet many dentists are still unfamiliar with it. Once they start offering it to their patients, though, they wonder how they could have ever provided top-notch care without it.

“Myo” is an invaluable adjunct to orthodontic and orthopedic treatment, creating an optimum airway by bringing the muscles of the mouth, jaw and face into harmony. It can improve speech clarity, enhance appearance, improve eating, drinking and sleeping habits, and help patients maintain good oral health for a lifetime.

I’m thrilled to see the kind of improvements that are achievable when people actually do the treatment that is recommended. – William M. Hang, DDS

Professional Training – Delivered

Veteran therapist and teacher Barbara J. Greene offers multi-day trainings right in your office, making it easy for your whole staff to attend. It also gives you the opportunity for live consultation with your own patients who present myo-suited cases such as ortho challenges/relapse, thumb-sucking, TMD or bridgework/denture/reconstruction challenges/ relapse. You get to put your new knowledge into action immediately!

A training lasts 4 days and covers the following topics:

  • Diagnosing oral-facial muscle dysfunction
  • The consultation (practice with the help of one of your current patients)
  • How to build a successful practice within your practice
  • Building a new income source
  • Serving your patients’ needs on a higher level
  • How to treat oral-facial muscle dysfunction: step-by-step therapy techniques
  • How to stop the sucking habit
  • Habituation of the myofunctional patient

Many dentists also like to arrange an evening gathering for patients and their families, referring practices and the community to introduce your new myo practice. It’s a great way to cap off a training – and to quickly move forward with offering an even higher level of care in your office.

What Dental Professionals Say

Dental office staff, Tucson

    • An amazing four days!!! It is a tremendous amount of material and background – and you have managed to integrate the disciplines of dentistry and speech so well.
    • Your passion and dedication to Oral Myology are truly inspirational.
    • I recommend this course for everyone in the dental field!!


4 Day Training: $5000
Note: For trainings held outside the US, a travel fee will be added to cover transportation costs.

Fee includes a training manual and therapy kit for each participant, and a 6 DVD set of a 4 day myo seminar taught by Barbara (a $700 value).

      • Travel includes arrival the day before the training, departure the day after the training ends (or the end of the last day, depending on flights).
      • Training schedule may include a weekend.
      • Barbara will need a list of nearby lodging or, in lieu of a hotel/motel/inn, accommodation in a quiet, non-smoking, non-pet dander home.

Note: This course is for the benefit of your office and providing myofunctional therapy for your patients. It is not affiliated with any organization. Barbara J. Greene is an independent provider of therapy techniques from more than 40 years experience in private practice.

Contact Barbara Greene NOW to arrange an in-office training.


Hone your skills by watching a skilled therapist at work. Observe consultations, therapy sessions and habituation/recall visits with children and adults. Full and half day internships are available in Santa Barbara and Thousand Oaks, and must be arranged in advance. Cost: $300 for full day, $150 for half.

Contact Barbara Greene NOW to arrange an internship.