Thumb Sucking

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Thumb sucking is one of many causes for Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder. It is a prevalent and common one, which is why we choose to focus so much on it. Eliminating habits as a child is the best and most proficient place to start.

There are five parts to the treatment:

  1. Habit elimination therapy done with rewards and behavior modification. This requires a lot of time and dedication on not only the child’s part, but also family members. We all know how hard it is to change a habit.
  2. Followed by a series of therapy exercises which improve nasal breathing and oral facial functions.
  3. Promote proper chewing and swallowing
  4. Re-patterning head and neck posture problems
  5. Last, but not least, generalization and habituation of the new muscle pattern

Following through with this thumb sucking program not only benefits your child with proper habits that encourages correct facial growth and structure, but it also helps you in not having to do it all yourself, but more importantly, understanding the importance of it and setting your child up for a bright future.

thumb sucking myofunctional disorder treatment

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